About Behind The Sky Music

We are a collection of folks who are unabashedly geeky about our love of electronic music, analog and modular synthesizers, design and anything related to science fictions, especially of the vintage variety.

We're doing our best to hold the banner high for this type of music in North America, and are committed to curating events, live streams, music releases and distribution opportunities for a wide array of creators internationally.

Come check out our weekly Twitch show Holotropic Happy Hour each wednesday at 5 pm pacific, and thursday at 9 am pacific to say hello to the community and experience two hours of electronic music, animation and experimental film, good vibes and the friendlist chat on the internet HERE.


Stay tuned for some deeply exciting news about upcoming events that we are organizing.

Imagine an international lineup of amazing musicians, artists, visual creators, speakers and thinkers all together in an epic and beautiful location.

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